Usher’s Penis Makes Women Crazy, True Story

Offender » U-S-H-E-R    R-A-Y-M-O-N-D

“Good Dancing, Bad Taste”

Track Record:
Usher Raymond sure likes him some old hens. Is past few relationships have been with women that are around 10 years his senior. The relationship with his mother and the recent media turmoil might have something to do with his strange selections in women but WMMD thinks this matter should left to his psychiatrist.
· Chili,  the “C” out of R&B group TLC
· Tameka Raymond
· Grace Miguel( maybe)

· Size » Slightly larger than average about 7-8 inches
· Shape » Straight and veiny penis
· Skill » Ooooh baby have you seen that man move?
· Case Notes: Mama’s boy, dates the older women that other guys don’t really want
In the past has had some strange (if not downright crazy)tastes in women. If you know anything about Usher’s past love life it is pretty clear why WMMD is declaring him a man with some serious mama issues*. None the less some part of his equation is making bitches crazy. Chilli is still sprung all these years later and his most recent ex, Tameka is dancing on the verge of insanity.Say what we might but WMMD can’t even deny that Usher has got to be doing something right.

*in case you don’t know why we’re talking about then have a look at Usher…What Are You Thinking?