T.I.P to Base: What is the Length?

Offender » T.I

T.I. Penis
“Just the T.I.P”

Track Record:
All kinds of wreckless. Got himself arrested for speeding, trying to buy a machine gun(WTF) and having a whole lotta ecstasy pills.
· Tameka “Tiny” Harris, his ride or die chick

· Size » medium
· Shape » mostly straight with a slight(almost indistinguishable) lean, our guess is downward
· Skill » You won’t be writing any novels about it, but it’s good enough to keep a gal satisfied
· Case Notes:Clumsy and moves funny, use to be called T.I.P but doesn’t like the obvious penis associations that can be made with the name
Hands down this has been the most controversial celebrity penis prediction of them all. One one side we have a exstacy-popping gun slinging prison inmate and then on the other, a southern church boy. Although the verdict is questionable the penis genius believes that 1 thing can be said of rapper T.I, he is genetically male and although he maybe a bit awkward in bed he can still get it. All of the WMMD staff would gladly get on it, in front of it, on the side of it and anywhere in its vicinity.