You So Nasty: 4 Ways to Tell That Your Man’s A Dirty Pervert

is my boyfriend a pervertHave you ever met or dated a guy and thought something just isn’t right about him? Most times its hard to tell what is so weird about a guy you’re dating. Sometimes he might be a liar, sociopath or worse a dirty dirty pervert. Luckily if he is really a sexual deviant spotting him is surprisingly easy.

What kind of sex questions does he ask you?I dated a for a few months guy once and over the course of our relationship I got really comfortable around his friends. One day his best friend surprised me when he asked me if his best friend had a good pipe game. Needless to say,  a question like this was a little out of line and just downright strange. Men are always thinking about sex but questions that relate to any one of the following things  sure-fire signs that you’ve got a pervert on your hands.

Any sex act relating to their close friends or family, under-aged teens*, or ANY mention of animals within a sexual context.

*in some circumstances mention of underage teens may not be as much an indication of sexual perversion, as a low self-esteem.

Is he curious about the penis size of other men?Every now and then a convo about another man’s willy is normal. Men are naturally competitive so they usually want to know how they size up against every else in the gene pool but if you’re man is the one initiating the convos about their buddies penis this is cause for concern. Coupled with any indication that he watches or owns gay porn then you not only have a pervert on your hands, but a gay one at that.

How does he make you feel when he looks at you? Some men make your heart stop when they look at you and some just give you a queasy, dirty when they so much as glance at you. If you man has ever looked at you and made you feel creep-ed out, go with your gut because chances are he is as sleazy as you suspect. Afterall you wouldn’t be reading this article unless you suspected that your boyfriend (or ex) was a perv, right?Some guys just look like perverts and if you look at them it will be easy to tell from the way he looks at other women. It is easy to spot the difference between a man thinking “damn the girl is hot” and I man thinking “she’s just the right size for me to push myself on in a dark alley”
What type of adult television does he like?All men watch dirty videos and although they don’t it the types of adult movies they like gives great insight into their personalities. If you’re man likes to watch flicks that are just a little bit taboo or make you cringe it’s safe to say that you guys don’t agree on sexuality. Take heed however, men Like things that women can’t tolerate (2 girls, 1 cup for example) a healthy curiosity about taboo sex is okay, a video collection is not.