3 Freaky Things You Can Do To Keep Your Man Fiendin’

By Jasmine Hugee January 3, 2012

freaky sex tipsWhen relationships start both partners give it their all but after a few months together you may start to notice that your man isn’t trying to tear off your panties every morning, noon and night the way he use to. If you want to rekindle that passionate sexual attraction it may just be time to learn a few new tricks; luckily WMMD has a few unconventional things that are guaranteed to keep him coming back for more.

1»Flick the bean in front of him

Most women aren’t comfortable enough to masturbate by themselves so the idea of  doing it in front of a partner is out of the question. As hard as it may seem, there are a lot of advantages to mutual masturbation. Allowing your man to watch you scratch your records shows him that you are comfortable with your body and comfortable with him. Most important of all is the fact that mutual masturbation is a learning opportunity for your man. He will have a firsthand chance to see you use the techniques that really get you going. It’s as simple as that, he learns what you like, you get the big whoooooah.

The thought of mutual masturbation may make  you cringe but your man on the other hand, is eager to show you his technique. Remember the “you show me yours, I’ll show you mine” game from kindergarten? Well it turns out that unlike women, men continue to love that game even into their adulthood.  To this day I have yet to meet a man that will not (eventually) show his pride and joy to me when asked. Do yo’ thang ladies,  after all your man isn’t scared or insecure about his body, why should you be?

Try: If you aren’t seasoned or entirely comfortable with masturbation try a night of phone sex. Tell your partner to take the lead and instruct you on how to  touch  yourself. Since you won’t see each other in person you’ll be less shy and when he is the one giving the directions it feels a lot less forbidden than if you went at it alone.

2» Grope him

Don’t you just love when you pass by your man in the kitchen and he grabs a palm-full of you booty? Remember how you can’t help but giggle and walk away with a warm feeling inside? Believe it or not men get that same feeling when you grab their special parts too. It’s a real tease for men, whom think about sex approximately 19 times a day, when their woman grabs their junk. Men don’t expect their girlfriend to touch them in a sexual way outside of the bedroom and when you do, it is a welcomed surprise for your man. A brush against his chest or a pinch on the butt lets your boyfriend know that you find him physically desirable, so much so that you can’t keep even keep you hands off of him. What man (or woman for that matter) wouldn’t want that?

2»Watch adult television together

Some adult television is way racier than the average woman can bear but that is no reason to pass up a bonding opportunity with your man. There is some craaaazy S#!% happening in the world of pornography, some of which will leave you laughing, some crying and if you’re lucky you some might just turn you on. Watching porn with your boyfriend is unpredictable but it is a great chance to share laughs, OMGs and SMHs with your man.

The sexual benefits of watching adult programming with your boyfriend aren’t the only advantages. Pornography is a fine way to figure out your man’s relationship personality. For example, I use to date a man that use to watch really lovey-dovey porn. Like super sugary stuff that involved eye contact and passionate kissing and guess what? He was the most love sick, clingy person I have ever know! The type of pornography a man likes says a lot about him so much so that it is one of the most important factors in the What My Man Did Perv test. If you want to find out what you man’s relationship personality is have a look at ” 4 Ways to Tell That Your New Man is A  Dirty, Dirty Perv

Whether general shyness or  some other weird quirk is keeping you from trying a few new things in the bedroom just remember that you’re man still has needs. Don’t do anything that you’re uncomfortable with but don’t hold yourself back either especially if you feel like he’s losing the spark. Try any one of these 3 new ideas and we promise you’ll be happy you did. Play safe ladies!

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