Can We Find Drake’s Love?

Offender » Drake

Eat Your Fruits & Veggies

Track Record:
Suburban child actor turned hip-hop rapper

· Nicki Minaj

· Rihanna

· Cat Washington

· Mahlia

· Size » Larger than most 7 inches
· Shape » Banana-like
· Skill » Worth staying awake for
· Case Notes: This banana is definitely peeled(circumcised)
Although Drake’s ex claims that he has a mandingo we here at WMMD are skeptical. Drake does, however, have a descent list of bad bitches for ex girlfriends. The fact that bad bitches continue to date him leads us to believe that he’s a little more well endowed, after all something must be keeping them there. Our bet is that his moderate sized banana penis has something to do with it. Yes, we would do him.