Andre 3000 Got a Big ol’ Dic–tionary

Offender » Andre 3000

Andre 3000 penis size
“The internet says Andre 3000 got a big ol’ dic–tionary”

Track Record:
Andre 3000 has maintained a fair amount of success over the course of his 19 year music career. So much so that many of t he details surrounding his high profile relationship with songstress Erykah-Badu. Other than the relationship woes expressed in 2001’s popular hit “Ms. Jackson” very little is known about this sexy man’s dating life.
· Erykah-Badu

· Size » large (7inches plus, easy)
· Shape » Good girth, we’re  thinking something along the lines of a cucumber
· Skill » The closest thing to paradise on earth
· Case Notes:Eccentric personality, vegan, ripped physique
Andre 3000 is very comfortable in his skin and has no problem expressing his unique style and personality. He takes great care of his health, body and spirit. Unlike the men that choose not to date women because of penile insecurities, we believe Andre doesn’t sleep around because he is just more discerning  than other men. He is like the black card of penises, you’ve got to be invited into the club but once you’re in the perks are never-ending. We are pretty sure he has one of the nicest penis covered to date(followed closely mister Drizzy Drake’s Penis).